Dear Sir/Madame

The 11th Visual Communication Exhibition is an international event that has been annually host by the dept. of Visual Communications Design since 2004. A large number of professors and students in visual communications design from more than 47 different universities of all around the countries have participated this event and contributed with their excellent works.

With the East and the West today driven to expand understanding and share information through a wide range of meetings and platforms of global arts and culture, this trend now affects mostly the academia, universities and talent training institutions, specialized in the visual communication design to meet global standards.

The exhibition will feature themes regarding visual communication design education from the perspectives of informational and methodological issues while exchanging know-hows and practices on the means of a visual language, regardless of national origin and race. In this context, this event will provide a venue for participants to learn various teaching methods and analyze the related outcomes of studies beyond time and space.

On that aspect, we would like to seek contemporary teaching methods and practices of visual communication design education systems of overseas universities through this occasion. Marking the 11th Visual Communication Design Exhibition of the Art Works by Professors and Students, we foresee more overseas universities will take part this year, which will provide more opportunities to learn the advance in the related fields and introduce a wide range of educational alternatives in visual communication design education.